Chegg vs Gauthmath, which is better?

I’ve used both of them for my math assignment and I think both are at their best place. One sentence to sum up the two app’s pros and cons: If you are learning senior math or you constantly need help for all subjects of your schoolwork, I recommend you using Chegg; If you only struggle with math class or need help with college level or high-school level math questions, Gauthmath is definitely the best choice. That being said, I think these two apps compliment each other pretty well and can be used together to suit different needs.

Below is my experience with these two apps and a quick sum up of the two apps’ pros and cons:


I started to use Chegg since high school and continue to use it for my college assignment. I mostly use it to double check my math answers in high school and I also found it pretty useful to search other science questions, like physics/chemistry/biology. I love the fact that I can get most of my questions solved pretty fast. 


  • Chegg is an all-round homework solver and you can find answers to questions of almost all subjects there. You can also post a question online and a verified expert will answer your question within 10 minutes. Even for advanced math questions, their answers could be fast and accurate.
  • If you are looking for solutions to a whole text book, Chegg is the great place to get help. On top of it, thanks for their voting and commenting system, you can easily figure out if the answers are correct or up-to-date.
  • They have other useful features like chegg learn, free citations for essays, textbook renting and exam prep for an extra push before your exam.


  • Their math solver is really powerful in solving algebra and calculus questions but when it comes to word problems, it takes really long time to answer and their app cannot even recognize it as math question; besides you only have 3 free solutions before you subscribe.
  • The quality of answers from their ‘verified experts’ vary a lot and since the experts are all anonymous, it is hard to tell if the answer is reliable.
  • It is pretty annoying that you keep getting ‘verify you are a human’ notification and it pops up every a few minutes. Sometimes your access to the app may be denied even if you’ve verified a million times.
  • You can share a premium account with other users, but Chegg only allows two devices to log into the same account at the same time; Chegg will bond your device with the account automatically that make it nearly impossible to change the bonding.

How much is Chegg’s subscription?

Chegg Study is $14.95/month. You can have unlimited access to all questions already solved by others, and 20 chances to post a question online to get experts’ answers.

Chegg Math Solver is 9.95/month. The math solver is like a smart calculator and after you type out math question in the solver, they will provide how to solve the math step-by-step. 


I came across Gauthmath when I tried to Google a math question that stuck me for multiple hours. Their answer is accurate and it covers a wider variety of math topics. On top of it, I can have unlimited access to all the answers in their question bank and ask for tutoring service (really affordable) for a more customized help. They have tutors standby 24/7, so tutors respond really quick and everything works efficiently. 


  • The app is really easy to use. You just need to scan a math question (or you can upload it from your album) and they will crop and recognize your math question automatically. If the question is already in their question bank, answers will pop up in a second. All answers are formatted with step-by-step explanations.
  • Gauthmath is able to solve word problems, which I think is a huge advantage as compared to calculator. According to their website, they cover all types of math topics and have over 1 billion verified answers. You can also directly search math questions on their website.
  • If you need some extra help from tutors, you can pay for their tutor service or 1-1 live tutoring. Both of them use verified math tutors and with live tutoring, you can talk with the tutors and get immediate help. I think this is a really useful feature, as it is hard for us to get our teacher’s help out of office hours and on top of it, their tutoring service is really affordable for students.


  • For some hard math questions, you need to pay for a ticket and ask a tutor to solve it for you. It is pretty much like Chegg’s expert Q&A feature but the ticket system might be confusing.
  • The Q&A history page needs better design and categorization as it is hard for me to find an answer after I asked over 100 questions.

How much is Gauthmath’s subscription?

Gauthmath offers 3 tiers of Gauth Plus subscription service. Their monthly subscription starts from $11.99/month to quarterly subscription $21.99 ($7.33/month) and annual subscription $69.99 ($5.83/month). With their subscription, you will have unlimited access to all math answers in their question bank and 12 chances to get a professional tutor’s help. 

You can start from a 3-day free trial of their subscription.

To sum up, I think both Gauthmath and Chegg has their unique features and I personally use Gauthmath for the most part of my math homework but I sometimes find myself using a combo of these two apps to finish assignments. If there is anything I leave out, please comment. Lastly, all these app should be used as resources to help us study wisely; please do not just copy and paste, try to understand how they solve it and try it out next time by yourself.