4 Signs You Should Learn The Korean Language Online

The Korean wave of ‘Hallyu’ has taken over numerous parts of the globe within a few years. Its phenomenal spread led to the popularity of the place, its people, and its ways of life. Singapore is no stranger to this growth since many residents are fans of K-dramas, shows, and artists. Moreover, most want to learn the Korean language to make the most of the ‘Hallyu.’

But if K-pop and K-drama fans started studying the language of their idols, should you learn and sign up for Korean lessons online, too? You should—especially if you have noticed any of the following signs:

  1. You Want To Watch K-Dramas Without Subtitles

Binge-watching K-dramas is arguably one of the best pastimes. But did you know that you can enjoy them more if you watch them without subtitles? If you decide to learn Korean, you will never need to read flashing texts at the bottom of the screen again while keeping up with what’s happening between the show’s characters.

  1. You Want To Talk To Your ‘Bias’ In Korean

K-idols often hold virtual or physical fan signing events to thank their fans and bond with them. If your ‘bias’ or favourite artist is coming to Singapore soon, you could learn the Korean language to impress and talk to them!

  1. You Plan To Visit Korea Soon

Many Singaporeans dream of visiting Korea someday. If you plan to visit the country soon, you could learn Korean to make the most of your trip and converse with the locals. You could also use the lessons to ace your Korean proficiency test if you consider studying or working there.

  1. You Do Not Want To Attend Physical Classes

If you have convinced yourself to learn Korean but do not want to take face-to-face lessons, you could opt for virtual ones. These classes may even be more beneficial for some individuals due to their convenience and practicality.

Learn the Korean language today by signing up for online classes at the ONLYOU Korean Language School! Visit their website below to learn more about their programmes that will help you watch K-dramas without subtitles and talk comfortably to your idol.