How to Rewrite a Sentence Without Changing Its Meaning

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Any good content manager will always prefer a fresh article, but sometimes it is not always that easy to come up with one each time. Hiring a good article writer can be quite expensive these days, thereby making article-rewording a reasonable option. Many have argued the authenticity of article rewriting (or rewording) hence, attributing it as an act of plagiarism.

This assumption is so out of place. Thus, it will be imperative to state that article rewording is nothing close to plagiarism; rather, it is an act of sharing the same idea but in different words. Two writers can have one concept or narrative of a particular topic, but words of expression must completely have to differ. It is not speculation; it is a scientific fact – no two people can express their ideas using the same words or sentences. 

Reword an article without it being flagged plagiarism 

Well, two things define how original your article will be after the rewording process. First is how good you are with writing generally; the second is your ability to choose the best rewording tool to rewrite sentences and paragraphs. Some writers mistake rewording to be some “free launch” in the writing niche, thinking they won’t have to put their best anymore.

But it is important to say this: “rewording an article is not for lazy writers.” You will have to put in the same energy as you are writing original content; the only difference is that the ideas and construction are not yours; but as per reviewing the whole article before rewording them, it is obligatory. In fact, to most people, rewording an article is even more difficult than writing an original one. 

Another thing you have to do is to ensure that the reworded article maintains its original meaning, but it still boils down to the type of article rewriter software you use. There are many rewriters’ software tools out there, both offline and online. 

It is left for you to choose the ones that work by reading through the user reviews. Some amateur writers make the mistake of using the free versions of these online article rewriter software tools, which will finally leave your articles distorted and completely incomprehensible. 

Use a Rewriter Software to Change Sentences

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We have a few articles rewriter software we can recommend, e.g.,, Spinbot, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner 4, Clever Spinner, and Chimp Rewriter. There are more, though, but the ones mentioned here are regarded as the best according to user’s reviews.  

Again, you have to understand that you should try to keep it simple when rewording an article or end up missing the point. And like we have earlier stated, avoid using the free versions if you want the best outcome. 

And for writers looking for low-cost rewriter software that will give them the same top-notch performance, we recommend using Clever Spinner. Finally, article rewording remains the best way to produce high-quality content when you are out of topics; you have to do it right.