8 Genius ways to use genie script to boost sales

If you run an e-commerce business, you know how important it is to convert site visitors into paying customers. Even small improvements in your conversion rate result in significant revenue gains.

  1. Exit intent popups – Exit intent popups are messages that appear when a visitor is about to leave your site. It’s your last chance to capture their attention and present an irresistible offer. For example, you offer a percentage off coupon code if they join your email list. Genie Script makes it easy to create stylish exit intent popups optimized for conversions.
  2. Spin-a-wheel discounts – Shoppers love a game of chance. Create a fun spin-a-wheel popup using Genie Script. Customers spin to reveal a random discount percentage off their purchase. It builds anticipation and makes checking out more enticing. The spin-a-wheel is proven to lift conversion rates.
  3. Social proof popups – Highlight positive customer reviews, testimonials or trust badges on popups displayed at key moments like entry, exit, checkout, and more. This social proof builds credibility and convinces visitors to complete their purchase. Studies show that social proof increases conversion rates by up to 34%.
  4. Free shipping bar – Create an announcement bar that appears site-wide showcasing your free shipping offer. It incentivizes customers to add more items to their cart to qualify for the promotion. Once the popup requirements are met, the bar changes its messaging to notify the customer they now qualify.
  5. Automated abandoned cart emails – Set up triggers in Genie Script to automatically send customized abandoned cart emails to users who don’t complete their checkout. The emails remind them what’s still in their cart and offer a compelling call to action to finish their order.
  6. Dynamic email capture – Offer a popup opt-in discount or exclusive new subscriber promotion in exchange for a visitor’s email address. Genie Script lets you create popups that change display logic based on customer behaviors and data. It allows you to segment and personalize messaging to improve relevancy.
  7. Smart upsells – Once a customer adds a core product to their cart, you configure a post-checkout upsell popup to appear using Genie Scripts. The upsell recommends complementary products and includes a time-limited scarcity discount as an added incentive.
  8. SMS marketing integration – Connect Genie Script to an SMS platform like Klaviyo or Omnisend. Offer customers the choice to join your SMS list to receive VIP discounts. SMS has over 90% open rates compared to 20-30% for email. Plus, you send abandoned cart recovery messages via SMS. in-depth evaluation of Wesley Virgin.

Genie Script offers endless options for creatively presenting promotions and call-to-actions that maximize conversions. It empowers you to visually build no-code popups, announcement bars, floating icons, and more without relying on developers. Genie Script seamlessly plugs into your e-commerce platform and saves you time and money compared to outsourcing the development of these features. Take your sales numbers to the next level with this game-changing app today. With great power comes great responsibility. Always use ethical marketing practices and provide genuine value in your messaging. When correctly leveraging data-backed best practices, Genie Script gives you the superpower to capture more leads and skyrocket your store’s conversion rates overnight!