Which education system benefits your children?

Education and schooling play a vital role in everybody’s life as it enhances your child wisdom, knowledge and ability to think. Moreover, education and schooling are no longer the same as a decade ago. Even though the name of the education boards remains the same, the syllabus has changed greatly. It is a daunting task for everyone today regarding which education system they should provide for their children. Be it CBSE, ICSE, state board, and NIOS, and the competition level is high.

Here are some recognized school boards from which you select for your child.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board

CBSE follows a uniform syllabus throughout the country. It is not very difficult to change the school during emergency situations. CBSE board is comparatively easier than ICSE, and these board students are masters in theoretical knowledge. Bangalore provides highly skilled staff and world-class education. Suppose your child aims to be an engineer and pursue JEE and NEET or other exams like IIT. Then choose the bestCBSE School in Bangalore that improves knowledge to your children. It updates your child with holistic learning and world affairs.

Advantages of CBSE board

The curriculum in CBSE is designed in such a way that it assists students in developing reasoning skills and analytical abilities. It focuses on objective questions and initiates revised policies to endorse rote learning. Hyderabad is known for its tourist destination. Apart from being a sightseeing tourist spot, they concentrate to give quality education to children.CBSE school in Hyderabad does not put more stress on students but provides quality education

International Certificate of Secondary Education(ICSE)

ICSE board mainly focused on project-based learning and educating students to understand concepts from the beginning. It is not mainly focused on syllabus completion. The assessment of ICSE is based on academic as well as extracurricular activities. They offer balanced teaching between arts and science. And also, it is well known for its excessive focus on language learning.

International boards(IB)

IB provides children with a very nice environment. The school that chooses to teach the IB board has to follow the rules like correct infrastructure, teacher training, curriculum and extracurricular activities. Students will be checked by concept-based exams or MCQ and judged mostly on projects. With the establishment of smartboard education, many IB board schools offer tablets as the basic hardware for all the students.

State board

If you want your children to get an offer from state and local government jobs, this board is well suited for your children. It gives regional education and offers more significance to traditional and local culture.

National Institute of open schooling(NIOS)

It is mainly focused on educating the students with learning disabilities and who cannot attend school regularly. One can appear exams from some private institutions and complete education over a period of time.

Bottom line:

Choosing a board is an important decision for a parent, and it should make it with individual preference. So, when making a decision, it is strongly advised to consider these points for your children’s career growth.