Tips to plan your CBSE class 6 and their exams

It’s only a few months left in the exams of your CBSE class 6 and this is the peak time you should focus on managing everything smartly. You must be in a muddled condition but don’t worry we have time to prepare still. However, it is said that “well begun is half done”. 

So, now focus on managing your time and scheduling it smartly so that you will be able to deal with difficult situations. Considering your situation, we have gathered some golden tips for you that will help you to deal with your exams smartly and easily.

Come, let’s discuss these tips and release your stress-

Tip 1: Time management 

The major thing that you should keep in mind is the management of time because time is an important factor. Nonetheless, you should focus on dealing with all the subjects according to your schedule and set time duration. As this is peak and plan 24 hours accordingly in which you should focus on study for at least 10-11 hours a day.

Tip 2: Presentation

From the point of view of the exam, you should majorly focus on the presentation of your answer book. Nevertheless, good answers may lead to fewer marks but a good presentation will surely help you gain high marks. So, concentrate on making more and more diagrams and answer the questions through diagrams if possible. You can do this practice while you stressed out or tired of studying. It will help you in practising as well as preparing for your exams.

Tip 3: Have enough sleep

You should focus on the rule – eat, study, sleep and relax. This rule will help you to make things easy and through this, you can easily create better concentration. While sleeping and relaxing you can easily recall all the topics you have studied in the whole day. So, ask yourself what you have studied in a whole day and revise it. 

Tip 4: Try to study in groups

Another better tip for CBSE class 6 students is to study in groups so that you will be able to deal with the things you don’t know. Studying in the group will help you in giving more concentration and dealing with the issues others have identified. Helping each other can create better learning and you can share all your resources, as well as better interaction, can be made.  

Tip 5: Exercise 

While trying to study CBSE class 6, students should put a lot of emphasis on fitness since it will help them maintain their attentiveness. On either side, you would be equipped to handle tough circumstances and will find it simple to manage issues and hard themes. 

Tip 6: Don’t stay up last night of the exam

Students of CBSE class 6 generally study last night before the exam which is totally wrong because you should have enough sleep before your exam. Don’t ever study over the night as it will create problems for you in giving exams and having everything on the proper time will help in better results comparatively.