Know It All About The English Exam To Go Abroad

Millions of students prepare to work and study abroad. To get an education, a student has to pass a language test. The most common and famous language test is TOFEL. In an English language exam, information of TOFEL exam (รายละเอียดการสอบ tofel, which is a term in Thai) on many websites contains all the steps.

When going to study abroad, a student has to pass the exam of English language. A student must take help from teachers and coaches on the final day of the examination. The examination by an authorized entity abroad follows the same rule for every international student. The procedure is the same for every student.

Is There Only One Type Of Exam?

When it comes to TOFEL, there are two types. The first is TOFEL IBT, and the second is TOFEL ITP. They are different from each other. A student can apply or work for them after knowing their need.

The TOFEL IBT is an exam with multiple stages for testing the English proficiency of a student. It is a long exam. The TOFEL ITP exam only checks the language level of a student with grammar, listening, and reading. Conducted by a university or exam center, TOFEL ITP is for a single purpose.

What Are The Stages For The Exam?

The TOFEL exam comes with four stages. In every section, a student has to perform for an accurate score. Based on the universities and sponsorship, a student needs a certain aggregate to pass. There are four stages of this exam, they are:

  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Reading

The location for the TOFEL exam is in every city one finds their own on their admit cards. The stages and information of TOFEL exam are on the same issued hall ticket. A student gets a timeline of each section and much other information related to the exam.

Is Coaching Important?

Coaching students are necessary. As there are many surprises that an exam can bring, coaching trains students with their language and unwanted questions. Different sections of the exam need practice, and when a student is looking for scholarships, they cannot miss the chance of scoring high.

A student that does not have all information about the exam can approach the coaching and get trained. The main motive is to detail the students about the exam. The stages and Information of TOFEL exam by the coaching centers are up to date and listed.