Factors To Consider Before Studying Abroad

There are several things to consider before studying abroad (เรียน ต่อ , which is the term in Thai). The following considerations can help you choose where and what to check:

Gre/Toefl Scores

Many U.S. universities require GRE/TOEFL scores. Take these tests before going abroad.

GRE And TOEFL Scores Help With

  • To show that you can handle university-level English.
  • To demonstrate university-level talents.

Cost Of Education In The Country You Choose To Study

The cost of education in a country will differ from country to country. The cost of living in a country also varies from country to country. The cost of living, or what you need to pay for food, shelter, and other necessities, depends on the education cost in that specific place. You should be aware of this when studying abroad.

Cost Of Living In That Country

The cost of living must be considered while moving abroad. When you arrive, you should have enough money for your first few months until you find work.

Try to find out how much a single individual would pay to live there. This shows how much spending money to bring.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships may be available to pay for the expense of studying abroad. Some scholarships are offered by the country you study in, the university you attend, and your institution or department.

  • Scholarships differ based on where you’re from and what you’re studying.
  • Before accepting a scholarship from a specific school, be sure it’s related to your degree course.


  • Studying abroad should be safe.
  • Choose a safe spot for yourself and your family.
  • Safety may appear simple, but it’s complex and nuanced. Safety depends on city, country, university/school/college, and subject.

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences aren’t necessarily harmful, so remember that. They can be positive and educational. Before studying abroad, knowing what to expect is crucial, so you’re not shocked.

This entails researching and questioning different civilizations. It also entails learning as much as possible before going, even if it’s not practical or reasonable at home.


Before choosing a country, do study. Also, research the university and course, and learn the local language and culture before you settle on your country of choice, research about the country well. Research about the university and class you want to pursue as well. It would help if you also learned about the language frequently used in that part of the world and culture.